Getting to Know the Role of Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologists are doctors who have specific expertise in providing examinations, treatments, and diagnoses related to eye diseases and vision problems. Not only that, ophthalmologists also have the competence in handling eye surgery. A medical student who wants to become an ophthalmologist, must complete his general medical education and internship activities before undergoing ophthalmic education for four years or more. Various Diseases Handled by Ophthalmologists There are various types of eye diseases, but that does not mean you have to visit a specialist eye doctor every time you experience eye pain, because there are several eye diseases that can be treated by general practitioners. For example red eyes and tired eyes. The types of diseases that are generally handled by ophthalmologists, including: Cataract Blepharitis Corneal dystrophy Glaucoma Keratitis Injury to the cornea Keratoconus Nearsighted and far Presbyopia Uveitis Vitreoretinal diseases, including
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